Carolina Chick

A chick from Carolina moved in near us a few weeks ago. To say she has been “all the talk” at our house would be putting it mildly. She is so darn attractive it is hard to not notice her. [I’ve known girls from both North and South Carolina, and they all seem to have that southern belle thing going on in a big way.]

Normally, my wife would be concerned that I am spending too much time watching our young neighbor, but I think she too has become enthralled with her. Furthermore, we are her landlords, so . . . logically we need to stay abreast of her activities on our property (a task I have no issue with; I will perform said duty with both dedication and pleasure).

When I drink my morning coffee I can look out our backdoor glass and see her early morning comings and goings; she is fun to watch: black head of hair, shapely but petite body, movements that go with a much younger body than mine (for certain). Did I already say she is attractive? [I can obsess sometimes; I have to watch that.]

But let me tell you – this one is no ordinary young-thing-come-to-town. This female can take care of herself!

We have had some trouble in our neighborhood over the last year: some break ins, one involving a shooting . . . and we have united as a small community over this and taken steps to better protect ourselves. Of course, the police representative who talked with us all encouraged us to call the police any time there is anyone suspicious around; we are not to take matters into our own hands, they say.

But this gal . . . ?

Well, if I hadn’t witnessed it myself one day I would not have believed it. A stranger seemed to appear out of nowhere one morning. I saw him approach her front door and attempt to go inside. I was trying to decide whether I should call the authorities, or step outside and let him know I was present. [These things happen so quickly, you know.]

I also considered that it was just a friend of hers I wasn’t familiar with, but . . . while I was deciding which action to take my renter appeared, returning from a brief errand. And I mean to tell you she flew into action without any hesitation whatsoever!

She collided with her intruder so hard and fast I suspected she was trained in some sort of martial arts or something. The altercation was over in a split second or two, and she saw her intruder well off the property before returning to her house.

I doubt she called the police at all. I never saw a patrol car; no officer made any report that day. And she has never mentioned the incident to me or my wife.

I suspect my neighbor wants to handle her own home intrusions; she certainly seems capable. [Wonder if she would help any of the neighborhood if she saw someone in need?]

She won’t attend our Neighborhood Watch meetings, and she appears to be too busy with her own life to stop and chat with any of her neighbors for more than a moment or two.

I’m sure you are thinking, “Well, I know what I would do! I would walk right over there and talk with her. Or at least call her and ask about the home intrusion. After all, she doesn’t own the property; she is renting!”

Thanks for the advice.

But . . . I’ve considered those options, and frankly . . . I don’t see that happening. Firstly, she has no phone that I’ve seen (I know that is almost impossible to believe in this day and age), and secondly, having a conversation with someone on-the-go as much as she is would be quite unlikely.

So, at least for now, we’ve decided to just watch and wait for the right moment.

I’ve noticed that she always seems to wear the same gray and white outfit when she leaves the house, so she must have a job that requires a uniform. Maybe she’s a waitress or something like that.

One thing that’s really odd, however. She must have a Twitter account, because . . . she tweets.

Carolina Chickadede

Our 2015 Carolina Chickadee

About ivanbenson

I am a former singer, guitar player, writer, story teller, voice over talent, and a current heart attack survivor in the Atlanta, Georgia area.
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  1. Vivian Doublestein says:

    Cute Ivan!


  2. Suzanne Doublestein says:

    Really enjoyed this! 😉

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  3. Monica Benson says:

    Very clever! I love it! Mon

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