10 Responses to Evolution of a Design (No Doubts)

  1. Another good one, Ivan, though the self-doubt theme only rings true for some people…..let’s say, hmmm, just about everyone! I wonder if a major obstacle to the train is a HeartDespot.

    • ivanbenson says:

      Good one, Chief! And thanks for the accolades. As always – much appreciated. I am particularly glad when I can write something that possibly applies to all of us humans.

  2. Jo & John says:

    Great article and the website sounds really interesting. Wish you all the best with it and will look forward to reading it when it rolls out!

  3. Ron Benson says:

    I love it brother! I just hope it has a dining car as good as the one on which Dad served! You have always been a success in my eyes and think this article proves that! However, will you put your logo on your engineer’s hat, because I don’t think cowboy hats will fit in the cab?

  4. Mon says:

    It was a very exciting experience! Your words beautiful captured this journey! Great job!

  5. Suzanne says:

    Great post and I just adore the concept and logo – so excited for you & proud of you! 🙂

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